“The Hidden Child”- Camilla Lackberg

Camilla Lackberg…The Hidden Child

Have you ever taken a book home from the library only to find you have read it before?  I did that with Swedish novelist,  Camilla Lackberg’s The Hidden Child.  A fan of Lackberg’s writing, I enjoyed this novel as much as I did the first time.

Set in a town in Sweden,the genre is crime; the police in the local police station are set to solve the murder of an elderly history teacher who gathers WW2 Nazi memorabilia.  The wife of a local policeman discovers a Nazi medal and a blood stained baby dress in her mother’s trunk in her attic; setting the wheels in motion for the daughter wanting to discover more about her mother.  The story moves from four young friends growing up during the war years in Sweden and Norway to the police investigation into the murder of the elderly man and the present day.  The author develops the investigation into the murder around the family lives of the police. The characters have a beautifully flawed human personality that sometimes gets them into hot water.

There is plenty of interest, mystery and intrigue to hold the reader’s interest and to keep the pages turning.  The storyline is easy to follow as it moves from past to present and the writing flows well.  You just want to know…who did it and why!

Currently available from the GC library in Large Print.