Sour: My Story

index.aspx‘Sour: My Story’, a biography by Tracey Miller.


Sour, aka Tracey Miller, a disadvantaged girl of Jamaican descent, tells her story about growing up in a South London housing estate with her dysfunctional, mentally ill mother, and convicted rapist father.  Sour transitions from petty crime into gangland. Sour soon becomes a “name” within the gangster culture, especially as she is the only female. Despite this she still has boundaries and certain morals.


At the age of sixteen, her world gets turned upside down, as the sexually inexperienced Sour is raped by one of her own. In one night her status as ‘Queen Bee’ becomes a status of a ‘loose’ girl. She’s on her own…


I’m finding this an interesting read as I used to live in London, and am familiar with the areas and the seen the gangster culture on the streets. Sour tells her story as it is; no frills, no excuses. Despite her criminal aspirations one cannot help but feeling empathy for Sour.

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Review submitted by Kat in the Hat.