Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs by Michael Gerard Bauer reviewed by Jill Smith

MGB profile picishmael return of the dugongs coverThis is the middle book of the Ishmael series.

Typical teenage boys obsessed with getting the girls of their dreams, really over simplifies this brilliant book.

Again Ishmael is besotted with Kelly Faulkner whom he is certain thinks he’s a total scum bag when his Ishmael Leseur’s syndrome has caused him it’s usual amount of humiliation and angst, while his best mate the Razzman seems unable to accept that Sally, straight A’s, friend of Kelly’s is keen on him. Their English teacher Miss Tarango has suggested he write a poem to show his affections and win his love interest over. Ishmael as usual can only see disaster ahead.

I laughed often throughout this book that is a fast and enjoyable read. MGB has a brilliant way of relating confronting topics like bullying, dysfunctional families, and abusive adults, while giving his characters the opportunity to discover who they really are.

I will treasure this book among my other author signed books – thanks MGB!