Bring on the best quests

Quest narratives are as old as storytelling.

Have you followed Odysseus in his decade long adventure to get home from Troy?
Have you ridden with King Arthur’s knights searching for the Grail?
Have you learned that one does not simply walk into Mordor?

Whether through fairy tales, fiction, memoirs or movies, we’ve all enjoyed stories that revolve around a quest.

So what are the best quests?
If you were a hero, wanting to read an inspirational tale where the hero triumphs, what’s the best quest for you?
If you were a villain, after some tips on defeating those pesky heroes, what would you read?

For the next three weeks of May, we’ll be talking about quests here on book coasters.
Join in the fun and share your favourite quest story, or be inspired to read one of the recommended books.
It might turn out to be the best quest for you.