Elizabeth Is Missing – Emma Healey

Elizabeth Is Missing is a mystery book but it is also about memory. Maud is an elderly grandmother still living in her own home. However,  she is slowly being gripped by dementia and her memory fades in and out. She writes endless notes to herself as an aid to recall important information but the notes become less clear & more confusing. Maud becomes obsessed with finding her close friend Elizabeth who she is unable to locate. Many of her notes relate to finding Elizabeth.

Her family, her carers and the Police all become increasingly frustrated with Maud’s obsession. As Maud’s short term memory fades she experiences flashbacks to events from 50 years ago. These flashbacks eventually lead to a resolution of her sister Sukey’s disappearance in the aftermath of WWII.

I was astonished that this is a first novel and eagerly await Healey’s next book.