The Dandelion Years by Erica James

The Dandelion Years is a delightful tale beginning on Saskia’s 32nd  birthday with a traditionally modest celebration at Ashcombe – a rambling pink cottage on the edge of the village of Melbury Green in Suffolk.

Attendees include Saskia’s father Ralph and her grandfathers Oliver and Harvey. Missing are their wives; all three died in a car crash on Saskia’s 10th birthday. Ashcombe is the home to which they fled, together, following the tragedy.

The story unfolds as each realises that the life they have built together at Ashcombe cannot continue as it has. Ralph, Harvey and Oliver urge Saskia to start a life of her own … one that doesn’t revolve around them. Saskia is a self-employed book restorer, living and working at Ashcombe, and is happy for her uneventful life with her father and grandfathers to continue unchanged.

When Saskia discovers a notebook concealed within an old family bible, she begins to unravel a mesmerising wartime love story … and inadvertently stumbles across a chance at her own happy ending.

The Dandelion Years is warmly engaging; with characters to cheer for, a mystery to sink into, and a story world you won’t want to leave.