DELIRIUM is a beautifully woven tale of forbidden love with a unique modern twist. Set within a dystopian society love – amor delirium nervosa – is deemed a dangerous disease, illicit by the government requiring eradication. All citizens are obliged to undergo a mandatory disturbing surgical cure upon turning eighteen. A life without love ensures life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.

Lauren delves into the turmoil of a young woman’s psyche as she does the unimaginable, she falls in love. As she struggles with the rebellion against the societal conventions imbedded since birth; can she decipher what is right and wrong as the line blurs?

This book will ultimately have you sympathising with the heroine to the extent that it physically hurts. You will be experiencing the intensity of her heartache, confusion, shock, fear and desire. The sequence of events builds to a climatically tense ending that will have your heart racing and mourning the moment you turn the very last page.

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