Leaving Time

This novel by Jodi Picoult keeps you turning the pages, as each character helps you piece together the puzzle of the disappearance of Alice, an elephant researcher and mother. It is her daughter, Jenna, who years later reignites the investigation with the help of Serenity, a clairvoyant, and Virgil, a retired policeman who first investigated Alice’s disappearance.
Each chapter alternates between the viewpoints of the main characters, so you are gradually drawn into Alice’s fascinating study of elephants and grief, as well as her loving relationship with her daughter. There is a bit of everything in this heartwarming book – mystery, crime, romance, family relationships, and psychic communication.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would wholeheartedly recommend  it. Why not join us to discuss this book at Runaway Bay Branch Library Book Club at 10.00 am on 8 May.