May 18


The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Post by Robyn55.

Journalist Paula Hawkins has written her first thriller and may she write many more…

The Girl on the Train is a spooky, classy, easy read thriller that will have you staying up all night to finish. Why don’t you take it on a long plane or train trip and really embrace this atmospheric gem?

When Rachel and her husband Tom divorce Rachel just can’t let go and starts a campaign of harassment against Tom and his new wife Anna. She even takes the train every day which goes past the house she once shared with Tom. Anna, Tom and their baby daughter now play happy families there…or do they?

She also gets to see Megan and Scott, another happy couple who live a few doors down.

As Rachel sinks deeply into depression and alcoholism, she starts to feel that all is not as it seems in this quiet little hub of domesticity. Rachel now has a quest and a reason to get her life back on track (excuse the pun!)

I have revealed a little more about the plot of this book than I usually do, but there are many twists and turns here until a very satisfying conclusion. I really give nothing away.

The book asks the question ‘do we ever really know someone?’ After you read The Girl on the Train you will never look at your significant other the same way again…or perhaps we all have two lives, one of them hidden from all others.

The book has been optioned by DreamWorks, so perhaps we will be watching it play out on the screen soon. I hope so. It has also been likened to Gone Girl but I think, if anything, it is better – certainly as a novel.

The Girl on the Train is a quick read, but so rewarding. I loved it!