Leaving Time

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult.

Post by Robyn55.

What an exceptional, amazing, remarkable book! Now for all you budding writers out there, I know that over-use of adjectives can be a killer – but what can I say? Perhaps that Jodi Picoult has written a masterpiece… I will leave that up to you to decide. I will say that in my opinion this book is a reader’s dream come true.

Well researched and plotted, with believable characters, the story of Jenna’s search for her mother Alice will grip you from the first page till the shattering conclusion. You will say “I didn’t see that coming” and mean it.

When 13 year old Jenna launches a search for her mother Alice, who disappeared 10 years previously, we are drawn to her intensity, grief and determination. Does Alice want to be found? Is Alice dead? What happened on that fateful night long ago. Read this book, because I’m not telling you!

The story is also equally about elephants as Alice was a elephant researcher. Her subject was grief, and that’s what this book is about – that and love, particularly a mother’s love for a child in both the humans and the elephants. This emotion is beautifully described – I have rarely read better. Never maudlin or sentimental, but pure and true.

Don’t be tempted to read ahead with this book – you must read every page. The conclusion is heart stopping, but so appropriate. I really hope this book is made into a movie. A great book!