Mischief (Short Stories) – Fay Weldon

I rarely read short stories but intrigued by the interesting cover I found myself immersed in Fay Weldon’s  “Mischief”; devouring one story after another.

The stories are witty and a perceptive expose into the psyche of the characters she creates.  I empathized with her female characters as I read the crackling dialogue between men and women.  I experienced the familiar tug of frustration as the male characters used their logic to “win” arguments and to vindicate the irritating male habits we females’ deplore.

Among the many stories, “Weekend” is the tale of a family going to their country cottage for a weekend rest.

Mother works full-time, father works and the two teenage daughters …do what teenagers do best, not too much.  Mother does the shopping rushing home from work, packs the food, clothes, and feeds the family.  She packs and organises the kids into the car ready to leave.  During this time father has collapsed on the sofa to watch television; he’s beat…such a hard day at work.  Dad has invited friends to drop in for meals over the weekend because well!!…they are “their” friends after all.

The weekend away is a break for everyone….. except the mother.   How I laughed reading “Weekend”; so reminiscent of many of my own weekend breaks away.

Fay Weldon CBE FRSL British author, playwriter and essayist born in 1931.  Noted for her tongue-in-cheek feminist fiction portrays contemporary women in strained situations.  Weldon studied psychology and economics in Scotland, before working in the advertising industry.