Music Of The Spheres: An Unfinished Journey by Glenis Carlton

Music Of The Spheres:An Unfinished Journey

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written descriptive memoir “Music of the Spheres: An Unfinished Journey”

This book is an inspiration for women wanting to leave their country and travel and find the “essential self”.

The author writes about how she came to New Zealand in 1957 on board the ocean liner RMS “Ruahine” from her native country of Great Britain at an early age of twenty.

Glenis talks about what life was like in New Zealand in the 1950’s. She compared the familiar sights of the English village and its cosiness with the miles of rolling pastures of New Zealand dotted with houses with fresh lollipop paint and how uninhabited it all looked.

Thirty seven years later Glenis returns to live and work in Britain after still not feeling at home in New Zealand.

This is where her adventure begins ……