The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw

The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw

Retired Police Inspector Auguste Jovert and the former Professor of Law, Tadashi Omura meet in Paris and exchange tales about their lives. Omura’s former friend, Katsuo Ikeda, is also a central character and is exposed as a  brilliant and selfish writer.    The Snow Kimono is also a tale about Japanese women, Fumiko, Mariko and Sachiko, one of which wears the snow kimono. To attain the purest white, the fabric of this kimono is left in the frozen snows.

This is a beautiful and compelling tale using poetic and simple prose. Sometimes the story seems to lose its way and the reader may wonder why a tale was included, but the final chapters all click into place, like a giant puzzle.  This is a tale where information is gathering  to a final surprising climax, and as the Police Inspector, Auguste Jovert states: “What people told you was not always the truth, the truth was what you found out, eventually by putting all the pieces together”  and  “life, unlike crime, was not something you can solve.” An enjoyable read, with a great OMG finale.