There’ll Be Blue Skies by Ellie Dean

There’ll Be Blue Skies is a delightful read set in war time England with vivid details of that period. The characters are endearing and interesting, there is 16 year old Sally and her younger brother Ernie who has been struck down with Polio from an early age.  With dad being away at war and mum a good time girl, the sole care of Ernie falls on Sally’s shoulders.  She shoulders this responsibility and because of this reason she is evacuated from London along with Ernie and other children.

Scared and with trepidation Sally and Ernie board the train for the beautiful and peaceful seaside town of Cliffhaven to be billeted with families.  However they aren’t selected because of Ernie’s condition until they are chosen by the Reilly family and it is during their stay we see Sally and Ernie grow and develop and the blossoming of a romance during the turmoil and hardships of war.