Harry Helps Grandpa Remember By Karen Tyrrell reviewed by Jill Smith

Book Review By Jill Smith©Jun15

Title: Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Author: Karen Tyrrell     Illustrator: Aaron Pocock 

Harry BESTHarry Hope lives on a farm. His grandparents live nearby and Harry just loves it when Grandpa plays hide and seek with him.

He starts to notice Grandpa getting slower, then one day, Grandpa doesn’t want to play with him. Harry is sad. On Grandparents day at school Grandpa is confused and even forgets Harry’s name.

What can he do to help Grandpa remember?

Harry comes up with some great ideas to put the sparkle in Grandpa’s eyes again. He helps create memories for the whole family to treasure.

On Harry’s birthday, Grandpa has a surprise for him, and Harry loves it!

The notes at the back of the book, for Teachers and families, on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, will help the inquisitive minds of children to understand and help their own grand-parents.

Karen Tyrrell has produced a book with a thought provoking topic and message, aided by Aaron Pocock’s brilliant illustrations. It is a valuable addition to any family, school or library bookshelf.