Away With The Fairies: a Phryne Fisher Mystery

Away with the Fairies
is an easy to read murder mystery set in Melbourne during the 1920’s. The main character is private detective, Miss Phryne Fisher. I love Phryne because she has spunk and doesn’t always behave the way that a lady should during the 1920’s. The colourful, intelligent, sassy, high-spirited, wealthy and stylish Miss Phryne Fisher is never dull! Phryne is assisted by her maid and companion Dot, together with her wharfie working class friends, Bert and Cec, to solve a variety of crimes.

Phryne is asked by Inspector Jack Robinson to assist in the investigation of the mysterious death of Miss Lavender, a famous author and illustrator of fairy stories. There is no obvious cause of death. To find out more about the victim and possible suspects, Phryne gets a temporary job as fashion editor in the women’s magazine that had previously employed the Miss Lavender. 

Life is never straight forward for Phryne. Phryne’s lover Lin Chung is late returning from a silk-buying expedition to China. Phryne becomes suspicious after receiving a summons from the disapproving Chung family, which is then followed by a number of attempted assaults. Phryne sets out on a dangerous mission to find Lin Chung after she receives a parcel containing what appears to be Lin Chung’s ear.

There is never a boring moment as Phryne uncovers numerous deceptions and scandals while investigating a number of suspects for Miss Lavender’s murder and Lin Chung’s apparent abduction. I love anything vintage and enjoyed being taken back to the 1920’s. The plot kept me interested and I didn’t guess the cause of  Miss Lavender’s death or her murderer until they were revealed.

While “Away with the Fairies” is book no. 11 in the Phryne Fisher Series, it is not necessary to read the series in order as each story is independent of the other. The television series “Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries” is based upon the Phryne Fisher Series.

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