The Snow child

The Snow child is the debut novel of Eowyn Ivey. Set in the harsh, non-forgiving frontier of Alaska in the 1920s. It tells the story of Jack and Mabel a childless couple who relocate to Alaska to try their hand on the land. Accompanied by unspoken grief the couple struggle in Alaska. Jack with a sense of failure and Mabel with loneliness. The two are separated by the unspoken fact that they are childless. When in a moment of marital frivolity they create a snow child (A.K.A. a mini snow man…or in this case snow girl) their mood temporarily lightens. Mabel rushes into the house and returns to the snow child to attire her in some knitted gloves and a scarf.

When Jack next sees the snow child he notices that the knitted gloves and scarf have disappeared, some small footprints have appeared, and he detects flashing movement in the snow covered woods. What ensues in a breathtaking, sensitive, emotional story with stunning fairy tale elements. I loved this story.