July 27


2 A.M. at the cat’s pajamas

2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas by Marie-Helene Bertino

Post by Kyla from Local Studies.

You may need to read the first couple of pages a few times to grasp that the main character is a jazz singing cigarette smoking shoulder shimmying nine year old who has recently lost her mother. While her father is inconsolable at the loss of his wife, the neighbourhood work together to raise Madeleine Altimari who has a unique and magical gift that she is desperate to perfect and share on stage. This little girl really has a unstoppable talent that she can barely contain. Along with her teacher and the owner of the jazz club, lives change forever as Madeline makes her way to the Cat’s Pajamas one snowy evening to sing against all odds. There’s a lovely atmosphere to this story which gives it a timeless quality that makes it difficult, at times, to pin point which decade it’s set in. If you love jazz, unconventional characters, and glimpsing a small community in the midst of a huge city, this novel is for you. There’s also a little love story or two entwined throughout.