Lightning People

Lightning people by Christopher Bollen.

Post by Robyn55.

I am thrilled to have ‘found’ Christopher Bollen. Lightning People is his debut novel. He has since written his second – Orient (I can’t wait to read that!)

However, back to Lightning People, which follows the life of five people: Dell, Joseph, William, Madi and Raj. These five live in Manhattan, and the story is about the city as much as the inhabitants. Bollen has written beautifully about these five not very likeable people. You will find it difficult to empathise with any of them. Such is Bollen’s talent you will be drawn into their trials and struggles, however you may, like me, feel they all get what they deserve!

Lightning People is a bit like watching a train wreck – you know it’s aweful, but it is impossible to look away. So it is with this book – it’s ‘un-putdownable’ (is that even a word?)

I don’t usually give much away in my reviews, but here are a few hints. Dell and Joseph are a married couple struggling. Madi and Raj are brother and sister, who and are very close, while William is in all sorts of trouble…

So read this book and see these fascinating characters sort out their complicated lives. This is a book full of big idea’s and concepts. It will make you think about how we live our lives. At the same time its a comfortable rainy afternoon read – a little slow, and carefully meandering from situation to situation, but with an exacting sharpness that stops it from being maudlin.

Read and enjoy, and tell me what you think!