Flat Out Love

Flat Out Love by Jessica Park

Post by Belinda.

Genre: Young Adult

Flat Out Love follows the lives of the Watkins family and the main protagonist Julie Seagle.  Julie moves in with the Watkins after her college housing falls through and is invited to stay by Erin Watkins, her Mother’s old college roommate.  The story then unfolds as we are given a charming insight into the daily goings-on of each family member and their interactions with each other and those around them. Matt, the middle child who is sweet yet socially awkward is a similar age to Julie and they develop a bond forged through a shared protectiveness over the youngest member of the family, Celeste. Julie soon learns that Celeste is an exceptionally smart and fastidious 13 year old. Although she seems to carry around burdens far greater than her age; part of which is amplified by the fact that she hauls around a life-sized cardboard cutout of her older brother Finn almost everywhere she goes.  Finn, the eldest Watkins is funny, handsome and adventurous however is absent from the family dynamic as he is away travelling the world. He and Julie strike up a flirtatious friendship over Facebook. However it’s not long until Julie realises there is something deeper and more tragic going on with the Watkins family and she makes it her mission to find out.  However once she does, Julie is not prepared for the magnitude of the secret and the implications it has on her new found relationships with the Watkins family.


This is a moving and sometimes heartbreaking story with warm and endearing characters that will capture you from start to finish. It teaches of loss and love and the lengths people will go to protect those they care for. If you’re looking for a humorous, emotional and uplifting read Flat Out Love is a great choice.