August 01


The Mobile Library

Mobile Library by David Whitehouse.

Post by Kyla.


If you like travelling libraries and quirky characters, ‘Mobile Library’ is certainly worth picking up. It starts with a cliff hanger, quite literally, and then quickly takes the reader back in time to learn exactly how a mobile library came to be perched on the edge of a cliff surrounded by police and watched over by circling helicopters. It was a surprising novel and just when it seemed that the story was at risk of becoming a little predictable, it would launch off on a tangent. If you’re looking for a novel where the author has created a fragile and delicate world that doesn’t shy away from some challenging and disturbing topics, you may well love this. The author has entwined the magic word of physical books and literature with the harsh reality of the lives of the characters and created a unique adventure. It may be easy to put the book down for a short while but it will be very difficult not to pick up again. My only regret is that I didn’t borrow it from, or read it in, the local mobile library. That would have been perfect.