A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon

A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon

Lucy Dillon’s stories usually involve dogs with character and attitude and this book is no exception.  Buzz the rescue greyhound attaches himself to the main character Geogina (Gina) Bellamy who is recovering from a divorce after having no idea her husband was cheating on her and no longer wanted to be married.  After years decorating their old home, Gina now moves into a flat she paints completely white for a new start.  Gina makes a resolution to keep one hundred items with special meaning and begins decluttering her life.  The story flashbacks to earlier times in Gina’s life.  There is the father who died when she was young, her stepfather, her relationship with her mother, her struggle with breast cancer and the first person she truly loved Kit, which did not end well.  The story also includes supportive friends, rescued dogs, a new love interest Nick, who is married but not happy.  This story has romance, tender moments and provokes thoughts of what items I might keep.  I enjoyed this read, but it was not all lightness.