Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown

Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown

Lisa Trumperton’s life is a little out of control.  Her daughter is difficult to handle, she hasn’t written a word for her next novel and her husband, a Wall Street Trader, has left her for a younger woman at work.

Leaving behind her sterile New York lifestyle, she makes a quick get away home to Australia.  Her son at least seems happy and assists her with the search for a new home, but trendy inner Sydney holds little appeal.  Then Lisa discovers Trumperton Manor, an old country residence  that was once owned by her great grandfather.

Tumbledown Manor is grubby and dilapidated, has a resident ghost and just like Lisa, it has been through the mill and seen better times.  As Lisa brings in the Grey Army recommended by her handyman to help restore the old manor, she is resisted by floods and flame.  Adopted by a really weird cat, she finds herself becoming attracted to her home handyman and invites the bird life into her kitchen.

The story has a very Australian feel, you can almost smell the burnt bush and hear the squawking of cockatoos!  As Lisa’s new life begins and the old house is restored to its former glory, ghosts are laid to rest and past mysteries solved. You feel you might just like to rock up to Lisa’s kitchen for a chin wag with a warm, liberated woman who has remade her life in a house she loves, with new friends, the love of her kids and a welcome even to her ex’s new woman.  A lovely read!