Readers’ season – crime and mystery

Do you love crime and mystery fiction?

We’re looking at this fabulous, popular genre this month because the 15th will mark the 125th anniversary of the birth of Agatha Christie – as if we needed an excuse to eat cake!

If you’re a Gold Coast local, we’ve got a swag of events to go with the season, including the fabulous Sulari Gentill as our visiting guest author, a murder mystery night where you get to solve who did it, informative sessions on forensics, the history of crime and how to detect a lie, and of course, some birthday cake for Agatha.

Here on book coasters, we’d really like to hear about your favourite kind of crime and mystery fiction.
Are you a fan of the cosy murder mysteries, where there’s always a death, but not a lot of gore?
Do you enjoy police procedurals or forensic investigations, with all the scientific details?
Maybe you’re an avid reader of atmospheric Scandinavian thrillers.
Have you got a favourite historical mystery series?

Whatever type of crime and mystery books you enjoy, share them with us this month.