The true story of a little known food drop by B-17’s to the starving Dutch citizens under German occupation in May, 1945; code named Operation Chowhound.   German born Prince Bernhard who married into the Dutch royal family of the Netherlands and evacuated to England developed the plan. It was discovered in post war years that the Prince had been an admirer of Hitler and a strong Nazi supporter. Hitler had committed suicide and the agreement to do the drop was made between the German Army and Luftwaffe fighters still in occupation; 120,000 troops. There wasn’t any guarantee the Germans would keep their word not to attack; it was a matter of good faith.  The USAAF planes flew at heights never before attempted; 400 feet (just above tree tops). They could see the faces of Dutch men, women and children looking up at them. The Germans kept their word and the Americans and allies who flew the mission felt it was their best of the war.  The crews’ ages ranged from 19 to 21 years.

Stephen Dando-Collins, an award-winning military historian, has written a marvellous book of a little known story 70 years after the anniversary of Operation Chowhound. Well researched, it will satisfy the discerning WWII history buff with facts or the reader not keen on detail with the mystery and intrigue of well-known names involved e.g. Ian Fleming who worked in British Intelligence at the time.

It is a great book; for me, a page turner.