The Long Shadow of the Drone

The KILL CHAIN presents the dark side of high tech warfare. With unlimited budgets and rooms full of servers the modern field of warfare has these high tech assassins know as “drones” and the chain of command is also known as the KILL CHAIN.

I was drawn to reading this book because, I wanted to learn more about UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) otherwise known as drones. What I quickly learnt was the rise of the machines had actually started before the first Terminator movie had been released it had actually started in the Vietnam War era.

I was almost flawed by the notion that US had dropped by aircraft thousands of sensors in the Jungle to report back data of Vietcong troop movements.

To the present day you are guided though the process of a mission flight of a drone from start to end however the crew never leave the ground the entire mission is controlled from the ground in a container fitted out with the gaming like flight deck where the crew control the aircraft, intelligence gathering and control weapons.

The achievements and the failures of waging war in a highly political environment where drones are seen as a solution to wagging unpopular wars in far off places.

There are achievements and there are failures just like any war well worth a read.

Kill Chain By (author) Andrew Cockburn
ISBN 10: 0805099263
ISBN 13: 9780805099263

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