BLOODLINE – Alan Gold & Mike Jones Book 1 of the Heritage Trilogy “Bloodline” is an historical fiction of modern Jerusalem in 2007 and tracing parallel stories from 942 BCE to 126 CE. A Palestinian youth (Bilal) is shot during an unsuccessful terrorist attack and is saved by the skill of a young Jewish doctor (Yael). Bilal is a rare blood type however Yael is a match and donates her blood. She sends the bloods to be DNA tested and discovers there is a common lineage; Yael and Bilal share the same ancestry. Yael discovers Bilal has been manipulated by an unscrupulous imam in Palestine and an Israeli power is also involved; their aim is to heighten angry discontent between Palestinians and Israelis’, their aim is political overthrow of the government. Bilal is sentenced to prison but his life and the doctor’s are both in danger for what they know. It is a great story and commands the attention and interest of the reader. The ancient historical element is well researched, interesting and easily read. The author is internationally published. Gold is a guest speaker at national and international conferences on a range of subjects e.g. anti-Semitism, United Nations World conference on Racism and Xenophobia 2001. He is a contributor, a columnist and a literary critic in Australia and is a lecturer and mentor in creative writing at Universities of Sydney, Western Australia and the Australian National University.  Jones is a well published author of essays, articles and reviews, lectured internationally and worked in numerous multi-media areas.