September Online ebook club wrap-up – Vengeance

VengeanceThis month, City Libraries held a ‘crime and mystery’ reader season and so naturally our ebook club book of the month was a crime anthology. Vengeance is a collection of short stories around the theme of vengeance (obviously). The anthology was edited by popular crime author Lee Child.

I’m neither a fan of crime or short stories so I was surprised when I actually really enjoyed this book. I found the short story format worked for crime fiction but I did notice that certain stories fit this format better than others. Stories that had a few twists worked the best as they were witty, kept me guessing and tied up all loose ends. If a story about revenge had no twist I found it a little boring – I think this type of story would work better in a longer novel as it would allow the author to flesh out the characters and their motives. I also found stories that were set in one place over a shorter period of time to be more engaging as it was easier to connect to the action.

Another part of the anthology that I really enjoyed was the fact that the central characters were not always good. Sometimes, I found myself connecting to a particular character only to find they were not all that likeable and in some cases, quite horrible. I liked the way it twisted my feelings and mind in this sense.

I don’t want to reveal too much about my favourite stories as I’d be giving away a lot of twists. A story about a lawyer trying to protect an abused girl and a story about an interview with a musical star really stick in my mind but I enjoyed most of the stories I read.

I’m interested to know what you think.

Did you enjoy the short story format? Or do you prefer novels?

Did you have a favourite story?

Let me know in the comments box below.