October 08


Half a King

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie.

Post by Kyla.

If you like your fantasy fiction set in harsh environments and covered with sea spray, snow or dirt this is the book for you. Prince Yarvi is born disfigured in a world where the inability to wield a sword sees him doomed in the eyes of most. Thank fully he is clever and is destined to be a minister advising the king but treachery intervenes and Yarvi finds himself enslaved and chained to the oars of a ship. With fabulous characters and a fast pace, this book was hard to put down as Yarvi fights to regain what he lost and revenge himself on those who betrayed him. With great reviews by Robin Hobb and George R. R. Martin, it promised to be a tale of relentless intrigue and challenges. Happily it delivered with surprising twists and turns throughout.