Suri’s Wall by Lucy Estela illustrated Matt Ottley reviewed by Jill Smith

suri's wall coverSuri was tall for her age. The other children kept away from her. They were afraid of her. She was lonely. Only the wall she walked along was warm to her touch. Then one day, she reached for the wall above her. She realised she was tall enough to see over it. She cried first. Would she ever stop growing?

Then the other children asked her what she could see. ‘What can I see?’ Suri looked out over the wall. ‘Oh, its beautiful, let me tell you all about it.’

I love the way the story goes on in illustration. To show the reader what magical world Suri described. The guard at the gate said to Suri. ‘They will find out, you know.’ Suri replied. ‘Yes, perhaps. But not today.’

I can’t wait to share this book with my grand-daughters.