An Equal music

An Equal music by Vikram Seth is a novel where love and music perform together like a duet. An Equal music tells of the personal and professional relationships between Michael, a virtuoso violinist and Julia, a talented concert pianist. Ten years prior in Vienna they had been lovers, but Michael suffered a nervous breakdown and left Julia without warning. An action she was unwilling to forgive. An action he had regretted ever since.

Ten years later and now in London Michael catches a fleeting glance of a woman on a bus. He is certain it is Julia. Totally preoccupied with his obsession over his long-lost love, Michael pursues the woman and finds that Julia is now married with a child and battling with her own secret.

Michael and Julia’s private lives are full of complexity but their professional lives bring them back together. On a tour together in Vienna and Venice all the unresolved issues from the previous decade come to a crescendo and a finale. This is an unusual story of passion and obsession, loss and love, intense emotion and unending love. If you were a lover of Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient you may also enjoy Vikram Seth’s An Equal music.