Destiny of the Light by Louise Cusack

Destiny of the Light is the first novel in the Shadow Through Time series by Louise Cusack. It’s a romance novel within a fantasy setting. The lead character is a woman from our world who travels to another, where her destiny is to have a child who will save the world. The lead character, Catherine, has no memory of this prophecy, which lets the author introduce the world to the reader through her point of view.  She finds local allies and enemies, one of whom becomes a love interest. The book is toward the steamier end of the romance genre.

Having laid out these core tropes, there’s a lot that’s engaging about these books. Cusack’s fantasy realm is deliberately, literally, colourless. This is an interesting device because it shifts descriptive text to the other senses. The lead character is too trusting, which I found refreshing. I’m a bit burned out on urban fantasy, and I think the problem is that many of the protagonists have a power of mystical stubbornness, where the universe gets out of their way if they are just tough enough. I didn’t get that feel here: it was clear why Catherine needed other characters around her.

This book is recommended for those who like romantic fantasy, intrigue, and supporting Australian authors. Louise has mentioned on her blog that the book is influenced by her love for the Outlander series, so if you’re a fan, you’ll be travelling with a kindred spirit


Louise Cusack is a talented Queensland author who has had a long relationship with City Libraries. Her workshops are always well attended, and she has helped dozens of local writers along the path to publication. She specializes in romance and fantasy fiction, but her experiences of are useful for authors outside these genres. Louise has a developed online presence, but the part of her website most relevant to emerging writers is An interview was recorded following an earlier Writer’s Block program, and is available online.

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