Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

I am obsessed by this author, she can’t publish fast enough. This new psychological thriller Little Black Lies is another brilliant read and one I couldn’t put down! A stand alone book and not about Lacey Flint, the policewoman featured in Bolton’s other books. Little Black Lies is an eerie tale with references to “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and its themes of crime and punishment, weather and death are mirrored in this work. Set in the Falklands during 1994, a moody atmosphere is built and you can feel the wind on the cliff tops, sea spray in the air and the sad call of the seals.
Over six disturbing days we are introduced to three damaged people, dead children and children that have gone missing. Written in three parts, the reader is introduced to Catrin who lost two children through a tragic accident. She barely exists, grief stricken by her terrible loss, she is consumed by her plans for revenge on the woman who killed her children. Callum, a Scottish soldier who fought in the Falklands war, was Catrin’s lover at the time of the accident. Finally, Rachel tells her story, shunned by villagers who blame her for the death of Catrin’s children, her life is miserable. As more children go missing and bodies are found, suspicion is thrown at all three and in this unforgiving landscape, the towns people turn against them, culminating in an end that will shock!