Secret Keeping For Beginners by Maggie Alderson

Secret Keeping For Beginners. Can anything good come from keeping secrets?  Read this book and find out!

The characters are like most families with annoying traits.  Joy and her daughter’s Tessa, Rachel and Natasha are all keeping secrets.  They all struggle to manage their lives and each try to cope in their own way without asking for help.

Rachel works in advertising, is divorced with two young daughters, a mortgage, maxed out credit cards and has no idea how to get herself out of her predicament.  Simon, Rachel’s boss with his own deep family secret becomes her love interest.

Tessa and husband Tom run a salvage yard together for many years.  Now Tom has become a star with his own TV show ‘Chimney Restoration’ and is spending more and more time away from home.  Two of her three sons have chosen to be day boarders at their school and Tessa is beginning to wonder what lies ahead for her.  Tessa is afraid to leave the house and is spending her time painting murals all over the house.

Natasha is a successful makeup artist to the stars.  Natasha fears her secret will not only affect her family but her work status at well, the backlash could ruin her career.

Joy, their mother is an amazing vegetarian cook, believes in crystals and appears to be able to read minds.  Joy loves her family and does her best help them, but her secret will definitely impact on her daughters.

This an easy and enjoyable book to read with humour, real life issues and characters that grow on you. A great read for the holidays.