December 08


Gerald and Piggie Picture book series

By Belinda and Sue – Story-time team from Runaway Bay Branch

We have officially read almost every single one of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books!  Can I tell you how much we love these books?

With this series, Willems has captured everything in simple words and sentences. Lots of repetition and clear illustrations with plenty of clues and most of all…the stories are fun! They make our story time kids laugh.

Each of the books in this series features Gerald, an elephant, and his best friend Piggie, who is, a pig. The two friends love each other and love to spend time playing together. They have real personalities and real problems, the stories give the children an opportunity to learn how to respond to changes and situations, that come across not only through the words of the story, but also through the illustrations that feature amazingly detailed expressions and body language.

We have also taken them out to kindergarten visits. Kids respond really well to this series. Because of the content we are able to use props to further enhance the stories which the children absolutely love.

Here’s a quick note from some of the books:


oneMy new friend is so fun! Piggie has a new friend and Gerald is upset because he thinks Piggie isn’t his best friend anymore.



twoCan I play too? Gerald and Piggie are playing ball. Snake wants to play but he has no arms. They devise a plan to all play catch. Snake is used as a ball, so snake isn’t left out.



threeLet’s go for a drive? Gerald has a plan, let’s go for a drive? But soon realizes he has no car, but who needs a car when you have a Piggie for a friend.