One Step Closer to You

One Step Closer To you by Alice Peterson

This novel follows the journey of  Polly who is trying to rebuild her life after finally realising that poor choices and family secrets almost destroyed her. Polly is a woman with addictions but in particular it’s her alcoholism  that threatens to pull her under. You share her emotional  journey where she finds the strength to turn her life around and rebuild it into something better. The dark topic of alcoholism and its impact on Polly and her friends and family is written with great sensitivity. The story effortlessly  alternates between the present day and her childhood where the hidden family secrets and their impact on Polly are slowly revealed in parallel to her fixing her life in the present day.   Throughout the book you meet real characters that impact on Polly’s life and  support the premise that throughout life we have to make many choices and if they turn out to be the incorrect choice we have to learn from it and grow.  Polly learns this and slowly emerges from being a broken human being into one  who finds the courage to never give up and blossoms into someone of great strength and integrity. There is a romantic interest in this story but it isn’t the central story being told. The love interest adds depth to the premise that you have to fix yourself before you can love others.

This book touches your heart and makes you think long after you have finished reading it.