Career Of Evil

Career Of Evil by Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling)

Post by Robyn55.

Some writers just keep getting better and better and this is one of them! The third episode in the ‘Cormoran  Strike’ series is similar to the other two but strays into darker territory. Robert Galbraith, aka J. K. Rowling, has never been scared of the dark.

When Cormoran’s assistant Robin is threatened, Cormoran goes into high gear to find the person responsible. In doing so the author reveals both Cormoran’s and Robin’s history more than ever before. It also highlights once again the nature of the tentative relationship between Robin and Cormoran and the turbulent relationship between Robin and her dreadful fiance Matthew. I found the story of Strike’s mother and her sad demise very interesting and revealing.

This book is a step-up in Rowling’s mystery writing and is easy to read and well paced. It once again highlights this remarkable author’s talent and versatility. She has left readers with an essential question – Robin’s relationship with the two men in her life – I’m sure there will be a fourth book in this series and I can’t wait. So it is with hesitation that I even offer up any criticism of Career Of Evil, but I have to say Galbraith has a habit of being a bit wordy (There, I’ve said it!) However, that in no way detracts from the enjoyment of this very enjoyable read.