The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

The girl who saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson.

Post by Kyla.

This book was bought on a whim based on its outstandingly bright cover design. As soon as the first page was turned I fell in love with its light humorous style that made the most dreadful situations experienced by the characters seem like part of a matter-of-fact quirky adventure. In another author’s hand, this story line could have become a violent action adventure culminating in Armageddon or, as strange as it sounds,  a chocolate box romance. Under the magic imagination of Jonasson, it’s a story filled with serendipity and charm that’s a little reminiscent of Alexander McCall Smith. If you’re looking for something with a wonderful leading female character, great international story line and an array of well-drawn supporting characters, The girl who saved the King of Sweden is for you. One thing that will certainly be under the Christmas tree this year is at least one other novel by this author.