Ink and Bone

Ink and Bone: Volume One of the Great Library by Rachel Caine.

Post by Kyla.

As a librarian wandering the shelves in my local book store, it wasn’t remotely surprising that Ink and Bone: Volume One of the Great Library caught my attention. When I saw that the back cover included the magic phrases, to me at least, of ‘Great Library of Alexandria’ and ‘book smuggler’ it was a done deal. Rachel Caine has deviated from her Morganville Vampire series to create a world where owning a book is a crime and a dangerous underground world of book smuggling exists. With Ink Lickers, Book Eaters and Scholars the author has created a parallel world that is filled with conspiracy and danger for the young characters. A little steam punk, ancient history and adventure unite to make this a really enjoyable read. It’s definitely something for people who like a dash of darkness and thrill with their reading. I’ll certainly reread it again when the second book is available – possibly after revisiting Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.