The Burning by Jane Casey

Jane Casey’s The Burning is the first in the Maeve Kerrigan series. The first chapter had my full attention as a young woman makes a bad choice in accepting a ride from a stranger after a big night out on the town with friends. You can feel her fear as she realizes her mistake and her realization that her bad decision may cost her, her life. She suspects she has accepted a ride with ‘The Burning Man’, a serial killer who is killing young woman in London.  Meanwhile a 5th victim has showed up on the same night so there is speculation is this the work of the same killer.


DC Maeve Kerrigan is the young police officer who is the only female on the team and we follow the case through her eyes. The latest victim Rebecca Haworth is a woman with a few secrets, Maeve has been given the task to look into Rebecca’s life hoping to uncover the killer.


I loved this book it had me hooked from the beginning to the end. If you love this book try S J Bolton another English writer who writes similar. Fantastic read 5 stars.