December 31


What are your reading resolutions?

Forget about weight loss, what are your reading resolutions for 2016?

For the past few years, my resolutions have been about quantity (104 books per year). I’m not saying that’s a bad resolution, but I’d like to try something different this year. So, this year I will:

Assess what I read last year

I couldn’t get ten favorites in 2014, but I had many more in 2015.  Time to work out what was different, what I enjoyed, and what my reading tells me about myself. This is one of the purposes of having a reading diary, so I should take the opportunity.

Actually read a book a month

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and love graphic novels, so there are some months where I don’t sit down and work through a book in codex form. This year, I’m going to try and make myself actually read. There’s really good science about the neural changes that happen when you read long-form fiction, and I’d like some of those, so time to read in the classical sense.

Record a chapter a week

I’m part of a volunteer community called Librivox, which records out-of-copyright books, and releases the recordings into the public domain. In the last year I’ve mostly been working on solo recordings, which means that there’s no-one I’m holding up if I drag my projects on. Also, my largest project this year has been by a prolix author with lengthy chapters. So, this year, I’m going to put in more effort, and try to record 52 sections.  I’m likely to fail, but it’s good to set a major goal.

The subgoal of this, of course, is that I need to find a book with interesting chapters, each about half an hour long when read aloud. My current chapter was an hour and a half in raw read, which then takes an hour and a half to edit. Suggestions in the comments!

Catch up on graphic novels

I’ve not read Saga, or Lumberjanes, or a pile of awesome stuff that’s come out in the last year.  I sort of switched off when DC and Marvel were doing Convergence and Battleworld. Time to get back in.

Make a TBR jar

A TBR jar is a filled with titles from your “to be read” pile, that you draw randomly.  My own rule is that if you draw a title, and thing “Oh, I really don’t want to read that…” then it goes from the TBR pile.  It’s a way of forcing yourself to cull.  Now, my TBR pile was recently culled down from a whole case to a shelf, but I still think there’s dead wood in there, and this will force me to sort my feelings out.

What are your resolutions for the new year?