January 14

A Complete Directory of Military Vehicles

Getting Beyond One Tough Truck

MAN TGA-Serie Medium Mobility Truck (Germany)

What started my interest in this book was watching a video on a camper truck. A MAN 4×4 Camper Truck. I was thinking imagine, setting up camp in this…really does beat a standard camper trailer or even caravan, where did such a capable truck come from?

Sure we have all seen Toyota Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols and Hilux’s on the road around the place but moving into the military vehicles takes it to a whole new level.

These kind of books is what draws me to the Library it is books that you would not normally read or having interest in and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

I quickly progress to the German Trucks and learn Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg known as (MAN) actually work to design and develop the diesel engine with Dr Rudolf Diesel hence diesel fuel today.

They build a large amount of military vehicles which are shown from past to present day.


MAN TGA-Serie Medium Mobility Truck

Mack R600/ RM600 Tow Truck Recovery Vehicle (Australia)

Not to be outdone Australia has some military trucks including this tow truck which, easily put out 256bhp @ 1800rpm the book details the harsh climate which Australia endures.

It also highlights in 1981 Mack was given the contract to provide 906 vehicles to the ADF (Australian Defense Force)

Mercedes G Class/ G Wagon (Germany)

Mercedes I realized although generally a luxury car maker also makes a great deal of military vehicles including the Mercedes Benz G Wagon designed and built for the Shah of Iran in the early 1970’s.

Since it’s inception over 60,000 vehicles have been built for 26 countries including Australia.


On 3 June 2014 Mercedes-Benz Australia/ Pacific formally handed over the last G-Wagon

Overall if you are into Trucks and Military Vehicles this book is well worth a look. The technical information is great along with the photos.

Format Paperback | 160 pages

Dimensions 226.06 x 294.64 x 12.7mm | 839.14g

Publication date 29 Feb 2012

Publisher Anness Publishing


Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom

Language English

ISBN10 1780190212

ISBN13 9781780190211

Images: Cover Image, Man Truck Image, Mercedes G Wagon

Video: Man Camper, Mack Tow Truck