Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

If you could go back in time and change one piece of history – what would you consider to be the most important one to change? That is the question that Hugh Stanton has to answer in Time and Time Again, a very cleverly written time travel story by Ben Elton.
Hugh Stanton is an ex-soldier whose wife and children were recently killed by a hit and run driver. He is invited to spend Christmas with his former Cambridge history professor, Sally McCluskey where he is told a story about a secret portal that will open shortly, and once only, between the present day and 1914. The members of an elite society who call themselves the “Order of Chronos” have guarded this secret for hundreds of years, ever since Isaac Newton first predicted the time portal. They suggest Stanton has the perfect skills and lack of attachment to return to June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand thus removing the catalyst for World War I. If just one thing had changed that day, could the Great War have been averted? And how might the world look like afterwards?
Elton really takes the reader on a wonderful and unique ride. This is not the same old time travel story, there are unpredictable twists and turns right up until the last page. I highly recommend Time and Time Again.