You Don’t Want To Know by Lisa Jackson

From the very first page this thriller ensnares the reader in the plot. It has many suspense elements intact – a missing child, a mother almost out of her mind with grief, a dysfunctional family and an isolated island location with a deserted asylum. It is set in modern times and offers the usual Lisa Jackson standard of thriller, which most of the time I find quite gripping.
As the story unfolds the reader is constantly asking whether the main character, Ava, is truly crazy over the loss of her infant son, or whether members of her rather unpleasant family are – to use the character’s word – gaslighting her for reasons of their own, due to past family tragedies and hatreds. The situation deteriorates and the body count begins.
Some reservations about the novel do stem from the fact that the story unfolds very slowly and is quite drawn out. At times the reader could be forgiven for wondering whether the author will ever get to the point. This seems to be a common failing with many recent thrillers – the story could really be told in half the number of pages and still do the job quite well. Overall however, it was an intriguing plot and I would recommend it as a fairly light read to those who enjoy the thriller genre.