The Dress by Kate Kerrigan

The Dress

The Dress by Kate Kerrigan

This book is a stunning read that transports you to the glamorous and privileged world of the 1950s socialite. Socialite Joy commissions “The Dress” to be created by an unknown designer Honor and by doing so ties their lives together in a way that they couldn’t have foreseen. Fast forward to 2014 and successful fashion blogger Lily stumbles across an image of “The Dress” and sets herself the task of not only creating “The Dress” but discovering its history and the story of the women responsible for such a masterpiece of couture. The lives of these 3 women are beautifully interwoven and the story effortlessly slips between the 1950s and present day. Anyone who loves fashion and blogging will enjoy this read. The author paints such a colourful picture of life in the 1950s and today’s era that you can almost feel the fabric of the wonderful gowns created by Honor and wish you too could wear such a beautiful creation as “The Dress”.