February 22


…with a chainsaw

Last year we had a quick game of “…in your pants” which is based on the observation by teen author Maureen Johnson that all book titles are better if you add “…in you pants” to the end of them.  Playing this year, I’d have “The Great Zoo of China in your Pants” for example.

I’d like to play a newer game, which is based on a similar idea. It’s suggested that adding “…with a chainsaw” improves most book titles.  Let’s try it out!

“The Thing on the Doorstep…with a chainsaw” sounds terrifying, while “The Picture of Dorian Gray with a Chainsaw” merely sounds like an odd artistic choice.  “The Monogram Murders with a chainsaw” would horrify the fastidiously-tidy Poirot, so perhaps he could read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up with a chainsaw”? Harry Dresden was “Working for Bigfoot with a chainsaw” but perhaps not as hard as James Berry, whose “My experiences as an executioner with a chainsaw” must surely have shocked his contemporaries. “U’ken play ukulele with a chainsaw!” sounds unlikely, but not as unlikely as “The Intoxicated Ghost with a chainsaw”.