Unbeatable Squirrel Girl : Seriously…you want this comic

There are few teen series I enjoy as avidly as Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and I recommend it to a broad audience, tween and above. Doreen Green has been a Marvel character since 1991, but this series doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of her character history.

Doreen’s doesn’t quite know she’s in a comic, like Deadpool or She-Hulk, but her authors play with the tropes of comic storytelling in fun ways. Old-school techniques like omniscient narratorial jokes at the bottom of each page are mixed with modern ways of framing a superheroine. I particularly like that the authors see superhero combat as wasted space, and so tend to just skip past it. Doreen just wins and then deals with the consequences. She’s literally unbeatable – it’s written on the cover.

I can see why the internet and cosplay community have embraced Doreen. The character is  body-positive, self-confident, and the jokes in the book land solidly. I love that she uses collector cards (written by Deadpool, who is being paid by the word) to identify her villains. She has twitter conversations with the Hulk where he discusses the importance of good manners. It’s an unashamedly light, fun read. That’s amazingly rare in modern comics.

The Library Service has the first two collections of the monthly series: Squirrel Power and Squirrel, you know it’s true.