Tricky Twenty-Two

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich.

I have enjoyed the Stephanie Plum series since I read the first book ‘One For The Money‘, which has been made in to a successful movie. Tricky Twenty-two is the twenty-second book in this long-running series, and it is a great read which will keep you turning the pages and laughing out loud.

Just when Stephanie thinks her hot boyfriend Joe Morelli is about to propose, he dumps her. Upset and angry, Stephanie throws herself in to her work along with Lula and Ranger. Her indomitable Grandmother and her long-suffering mother join her briefly, and the result is an action-packed and hilarious adventure with cars getting wrecked or blown-up and lives at stake – including Stephanies!

Strange things are going on at the Kiltman College, and people are going missing. One of the bonds that Stephanie is chasing is from Zeta House on the Kiltman College. There are other security and murder cases that are being worked on by Ranger (with Stephanies’s assistance), and by Joe Morelli, that also tie in to the weird and threatening goings on at Zeta House.  Why do the shoes of two murdered men have gun powder on them?

Besides the thrills of her job, Stephanie is still trying to work out why Morelli dumped her, and if this is really the end for them…

Don’t miss the surprise ending on this novel, which will have readers waiting for the next installment in this series.