Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing – Lisa Walker

The novel opens on New Years Eve in Byron Bay. Arkie, our protagonist, has hit rock bottom. She has lost her marriage, her business and her mojo and has resolved to throw herself under a train, Anna Karenina style. Fate would have it that no trains are running on this night and a chance encounter with a quirky, mysterious Japanese tourist, Haruko, sees Arkie head for Brisbane the next morning with a new sense of optimism.

The unlikely duo embark on a pilgrimage to all the “Big Things,” like the Big Redback, Big Macadamia, Big Prawn, and the Big Shell, while being chased by a lawyer determined to serve Arkie divorce papers.

Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing is equal parts entertaining, amusing and intriguing. The author does an awesome job of creating a sense of place and I was quite excited to read about places I know such as Ballina and Byron Bay.  I also enjoyed the quirky cast of characters which were all well written. It’s an easy read that will take you on a uniquely Aussie adventure.