Please take time to read Brooke’s review and as soon as possible read the Ranger’s Apprentice: The ruins of Gorlan. You will love it.

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Ranger’s Apprentice : The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

Post by Brooke

Ranger’s Apprentice is by far one of my most favourite book series. This is a captivating story with characters you will just fall in love with. The story follows Will, an orphan who doesn’t even have a last name, as his life takes him on a completely different path to what he had always wanted for himself.

At age 15, all the orphans of Castle Redmont are expected to either become an apprentice of one of the masters at Redmont Fief or go to work in the fields as farmers. After being denied the knight apprenticeship that he had been dreaming of since he was young, Will is selected by the mysterious Halt to become a ranger. Rangers are the intelligence force and unofficial spies ofwho work for the King.

Will’s natural skills, determination and inquisitiveness help…

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